Allbright White Diet

Following your treatment your diet is very important to any teeth whitening procedure. You must keep to this for 24 to 48 hours and avoid any food that will cause discoloration during this time.

Drink Advice

Still or sparkling water,Tonic water. Lemonade, Skimmed milk only

Alcoholic Drinks (clear liquids only) Vodka, Malibu, Vodka Ice, Gin, White Wine

Drinks not to have Tea ( deepest staining ), Coffee,Cola, Orange, No fizzy drinks etc

Alcoholic not to have Red Wine, Beer, Guiness, Any alcohol with a colour!

Food Advice

Food must be white only Chicken must be dry or boiled ( no fat ), Turkey, White Fish, White Rice, White Pasta with a white sauce only, Caulifower, Cottage cheese

Potatoes you can have Mashed, Boiled, Baked ( you must take the skin off )

Veg and Salad you shouldnt eat Carrots, peas, Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Green beans, Sprouts, Mushrooms etc.

Salads, such as: beetroot, Tomatoes, Red/green Lettuce, etc.

Other Foods

Cereal Keep to Rice Krispies with Skimmed milk,nothing with wheat in it Bread Keep away from Bread but you can have thin slice of White Pita Bread Fruit Keep away from all fruit apart from Bananas because most fruit is Acidic Sauces Keep away from sauces like Bolognaise but White Pasta sauce is fine. Note all creams, margarine and butter to avoid. Sweets Chewing gum is fine but no Chocolates, Sweets, etc. Smoking Keep from Smoking there are ways around this with our great aftercare kits. So you would be able to get around the white diet. Please Just ask.

Other Points

1) If you have had an early or afternoon treatment you should only brush your teeth with white toothpaste do not use any coloured mouthwash for 48 hours.
2) If you had a late night treatment do not brush your teeth tonight and then tomorrow use only white toothpaste and no coloured mouthwash.It is advisable that you use a soft toothbrush while on the white diet.
After your teeth whitening treatment if for any reason you feel any sensitivity in your gums please just use some bonjela,rub it on your gums and this will quickly go 95% of clients are fine. Please ask about our home whitening kits to look after your smile